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The Island Community Haven has been formed as a community interest company (CIC). A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a legal structure for a business in the United Kingdom that is intended to benefit a community or the environment. CICs are a type of social enterprise, which means that they are created to generate a social or environmental impact, rather than primarily to make a profit.

The Island Community Haven CIC occupies a 3-acre smallholding located in Draycott and is surrounded by neighbouring villages Borrowash and Risley and has been created to provide animal sanctuary for a range of farm animals as well as provide vital community services for youth work, animal welfare, gardening, workshops and alternative education.

A community group on a farm focusing on animal welfare, youth services, and gardening can provide a wide range of benefits for the local community. In terms of animal welfare, sessions raise awareness about the proper care of animals and provide education and volunteer opportunities for community members to get involved with. For youth services, programs provide hands-on learning experiences through gardening and working with animals, which can help to promote personal and educational development. Sessions can also provide access to fresh produce for the community and educate on sustainable gardening practices. Furthermore, meetups of this nature bring people together and build a sense of community, promoting social connections and a sense of belonging. We hope that our community group on our small farm can have a positive impact on volunteers, the community, and the environment.

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