Animal Welfare Meetups


For most people animals are our beloved friends, this is especially true at the Island Haven, one of the ways we give our animals the best possible care is through our community meet-ups, every Sunday, from 10 until 12, members of the community give their time to ensure that animals needs are fully met.

In doing this not only do they get the satisfaction of a job well done, they become more robust from working outside in all weathers and conditions, with muddy boots and big smiles we come together and work hard.

Although it is physically hard work it gives us a chance to have a chat, and connect with other humans as well as the wonderful animals we are caring for, we achieve a sense of pride and belonging, in the hustle and bustle of daily life it is literally a haven, reducing stress and anxiety, giving a little piece of calm to our hectic lives.  Many people do not have the good fortune to regularly be around animals visiting community farms is not only a great way to support us but it’s a brilliant way to de-stress, learn about animals and meet up with others who have similar goals and interests.

In this way we build a stronger bond, with more robust and capable individuals who have the capacity for great love and care, spreading a sense of peace through their interactions throughout the community.