In The Garden

March 2023

Welcome to the third instalment of this monthly allotment gardening blog. This blog aims to cover what plans the gardeners at the farm will be doing over the next month.

March in the UK usually has mild to chilly temperatures with sporadic showers during the growing season. Early spring crops like spinach, lettuce, and peas can now be sown as the earth warms up, however, we are looking to install a polytunnel in April and will begin our seed sowing then as we normally experience poor seed germination success in March. Later in the season, gardeners can prepare their beds for planting warmer-weather crops like tomatoes and peppers. It’s crucial to be aware of any late frosts or cold spells that can harm recently developing plants; at the farm, we’ve seen 40-50 winter pansies die out because of the harsh frost followed by sudden sunshine.

Allotment tasks and what to sow in:

Allotment gardening tasks for March can include:

  • Clearing away any winter debris and preparing beds for planting.
  • Sow peas, broccoli, and tomatoes (we plan to do this indoors and transplant later).
  • Pruning fruit trees and bushes.
  • Applying compost or well-rotted manure to beds to improve soil fertility.
  • Checking and repairing garden structures such as fences and trellises.
  • Planning for the season by deciding which crops to grow and where to plant them.
  • Checking stored garden tools and equipment and repairing or replacing as needed.
  • Recycle pallet wood into potato planters.